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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
101Broadband Network Technology as Strategic Lever for a World Class Multimedia Hub - Technological, Social, Economic and Managerial Implications on the Services Sector Mohd Arif NunMIMOSRMK7
102Molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis and leprosy in Malaysia.Gan Seng ChiewIMRRMK7
103National Broadband Multimedia TestbedNejim Abd Ali Al-AsediMIMOSRMK7
104Knowledge Imperative Index (KIX): A Measurerment Model In Information EraRamachandran A/L RamasamyMIMOSRMK7
105Improvement of Lansium domesticum through induced mutationMohd Nazir BasiranMINTRMK7
106Efficient agronomic management in lansium production through the use of nuclear technologyAhamad Sahali MardiMINTRMK7
107Induced mutation and in vitro mutagenesis of ornamental plantsMohd Nazir BasiranMINTRMK7
108Improvement of pest and disease control for Lansium (Dokong) through nuclear and related technologiesNashriyah MatMINTRMK7
109Development of gamma irradiation as a quarantine treatment for mites on cut flowersZainon OthmanMINTRMK7
110Mutation breeding for improvement of fruits (mangoes teen and bananas)Siti Hawa Jamaluddin (MINT)MINTRMK7