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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
111Efficient agronomic management of banana crop through the use of nuclear technologyAhamad Sahali MardiMINTRMK7
112Improvement of ex-mining land by futigation system and organic matter managementAsiah AhmadMINTRMK7
113Genetic assessment of 5 selected tropical forest species for selection, clone identification and conservation.Norwati MuhammadFRIMRMK7
114A phenotypic approach for the identification of lymphocyte subsetsJasbir Singh Dhaliwal (IMR)IMRRMK7
115Development of an instrument for oil palm fruit grading based on mesocarp color recognitionAshhar Hj KhalidMINTRMK7
116Breeding for new varieties of pisang masMohd Nazir BasiranMINTRMK7
117Devitalisation of dried flowers by gamma irradiationZainon OthmanMINTRMK7
118Development of controlled release products for agriculture applications using natural resourcesAhamad Sahali MardiMINTRMK7
119Development of DNA marker for fusarium resistance in pisang beranganMohd Nazir BasiranMINTRMK7
120Gamma irradiation as a quarantine treatment of mites on cut flowersZainon OthmanMINTRMK7