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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
11Predicting steady state gas concentration in modified atmosphere packaging for whole fresh produceAhmad SudinMARDIRMK7
12Evaluation of processing system in meehoon SMI with respect to energy consumption, production efficiency and waste reduction.Zolkafli ArisMARDIRMK7
13Development of soy sauce flavor through the application of bioreactor system.Abidin HamidMARDIRMK7
14Development of Malaysian food composition database- phase 5Tee E. SiongIMRRMK7
15Development of fed-batch culture technique for pullulan production.Subari ShibaniMARDIRMK7
16Development of microbial and chemical methods for the detection of veterinary drug residues in eggs, meat and milk.Wong Hee KumMARDIRMK7
17Starch modification through enzymatic processes.Mohamad Hanif Mohd JamilMARDIRMK7
18Development and improvement of traditional food.Ghani SenikMARDIRMK7
19Studies on occurrence and control of mycotoxin in local food products.Abidin HamidMARDIRMK7
20The development of antioxidant impregnated film (active packaging) to protect oxygen sensitive products.Jurina JaafarMARDIRMK7