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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
21Establishment of storage and packaging system of midin (Stenochlaena palustris) for local and export market.Saniah KorminMARDIRMK7
22Development of premix flour for traditional cakes.Zainun Che AhamadMARDIRMK7
23Development of fat replaces from local starches.Faridah HussinMARDIRMK7
24Product development and quality improvement of cultured tilapia and catfish.Che Rohani AwangMARDIRMK7
25Development of Malaysian food composition database - phase 5 -continuation (a collaborative programmed of the IMR, MARDI, UKM and UPM)Tee E. SiongIMRRMK7
26Development of herbal candies.Sharifah Samsiah MohamadMARDIRMK7
27Development of healthy confectionery productsSharifah Samsiah MohamadMARDIRMK7
28Application of modified starches in keropok lekor and banana batter.Aida Hamimi IbrahimMARDIRMK7
29Design of a tea / coffee 'tarik' maker.Amanah Mustakimah SirajMARDIRMK7
30Development of a continuous system for production of keropok.Mohd Zainal IsmailMARDIRMK7