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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
41Assessing the demand for food preservatives, colours and conditioners in the domestic market.Abu Othman Abdul RahmanMARDIRMK7
42Strategic positioning of agricultural smallholders towards dynamism in the 21st. Century.Normiyah RejabMARDIRMK7
43Strategic consideration in enhancing bumiputera participation in food processing.Abdul Malik JohanMARDIRMK7
44Developing an effective transfer of technology system for the food and in dustrial crops sector in line with the economic transformation of agriculture (Technology transfer and assessment for crop livestock intergration system- a socio economic consideratAriffin TawangMARDIRMK7
45Developing an effective transfer of technology system for the livestock industry in line with the future socio-economic trends.Mohd Azmi IbrahimMARDIRMK7
46Techno-economic assessment of non-food based technologies and products derived from foreign sources adapted to local conditions.Hussin ZakariaMARDIRMK7
47Development of an "oral health profile" index as an overall indicator of oral healthCheah Swee PohIMRRMK7
48The various constraints affecting the profitability} and development of agro-based industries.Nazari KhalidMARDIRMK7
49Competitive and market acceptance of selected tropical fruit juice and puree with special reference to pineapple and banana puree.Mohd Khairol Mohd ArifMARDIRMK7
50Herbs and medicinal plant industry - a study on the market structure, demand and potentialMuhamad Setefarzi Mohd NoorMARDIRMK7