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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
51Performance of furniture and joinery items under different climatic conditions.Ahmad Shakri Mat Seman (FRIM)FRIMRMK7
52High-temperature process for accelerated seasoning of timber.Choo Kheng TenFRIMRMK7
53Semi-automatic boring and grooving machine for rattan furniture componentsWan Tarmeze Wan AriffinFRIMRMK7
54Development of oriented strand boards for construction & non-construction applicationsRahim SudinFRIMRMK7
55Improving the efficiency of sawing Malaysian timber by modifying saw tooth profilesHo Kam SengFRIMRMK7
56Evaluation and upgrading of the sawing performance of a commercial portable sawing systemHashim W. SamsiFRIMRMK7
57Design stresses of indigenous timber species for structural glue laminationTan Yu EngFRIMRMK7
58Product development using selected plantation species namely sentang (Azadirachta excelsa)Mohd Tamizi MustafaFRIMRMK7
59Development of an in-line automated system for determining moisture content of timberWan Tarmeze Wan AriffinFRIMRMK7
60Evaluating and determining the stability of saw tooth profiles in relation to sawing efficiency and sawn qualityHo Kam SengFRIMRMK7