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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
51A Prospective Health Centre-Based Cohort Study on Early Detection and Control of Diabetes and Hypertension: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Clinical Practise Guidelines (CPG)Ab Aziz Al-Safi IsmailUSMRMK8
52A Quality Management Framework For Architectural Design Phase Best PracticesAbdul Hakim MohammedUTMRMK7
53A query language for video databaseLilly Suriani AffendeyUPMRMK8
54A rapid and simplified immunoassay for detection of aeromonas hydrophila from fish, water and aquatic environments.Siti Zahrah AbdullahIPPRMK7
55A rapid and simultaneous method for detecting Alpha-thalassemia-1(SEA type) and hb constant spring genes using pcr followed by CFLPAliza Mohd YacobIMRRMK7
56A relationship between computer literary and academic performance among selected secondary school students: a longitudinal studyJoharry OthmanUIARMK7
57A research and study in wind engineering and wind structure interactionZainah IbrahimUMRMK7
58A Review of Planning Standard for Social and Community Facilities for Urban AreasNoor Sharifah Sutan SaidiUTMRMK7
59A secure transaction framework for client-server based e-commerce.Abdul Hanan AbdullahUTMRMK7
60A Self-healing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Transport Network. Mohamad Khazani AbdullahUPMRMK8