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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
61Strategic positioning of the Malaysian anthodium industry : an economic and market assessment.Noor Auni HamirMARDIRMK7
62A study of the market potential of selected halal processed food products in the Asean (Brunei and Singapore) with emphasis on identifying opportunities for Malaysian food processors.Rashilah MohamadMARDIRMK7
63Evaluation of emerging pathogens in chilled and frozen foods.Faridah Mohd SomMARDIRMK7
64Environment contamination by chemical pesticides applied in agroecosystems via aerial transport.Cheah Uan BohMARDIRMK7
65Recovery of pectic substances from by-products of fruit processing industries.Mohamad Hanif Mohd JamilMARDIRMK7
66Impact on soil and water qualities under rainshelter flower-cultivation.Wong Nan ChongMARDIRMK7
67Impact of intensive agricultural practices on the movement of agrochemical pollutants into ground water.Zulkefli MalikMARDIRMK7
68Metabolic fate, residue and behaviour of agro-pesticides in crops/environment and development of related monitoring and detection technologies.Cheah Uan BohMARDIRMK7
69Diagnosis and characterization of Mycoplasma pneumoniae.Tay Sun Tee (IMR)IMRRMK7
70Quantification of methane emission in rice ecosystem.Xavier ArulandooMARDIRMK7