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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
71Application of remote sensing and GIS in inventoring agricultural resources at state level.Ismail Abu Bakar (MARDI)MARDIRMK7
72Application of GIS technique for generating potential land degradation map of Peninsular MalaysiaZulkafli IsmailMARDIRMK7
73Use of systems techniques in land use planning.Ismail Abu Bakar (MARDI)MARDIRMK7
74Treatment and utilisation of waste starchSuhaimi MasdukiMARDIRMK7
75Effect of acid rain on rice yield, quality and soil environment in a simulated rice ecosystem.Mohamad Zabawi Abd GhaniMARDIRMK7
76Studies on the use of aquaculture effluents as a nutrient source for horticultural crop production under soiless culture conditionsRopeah SulaimanMARDIRMK7
77Development and application of functional and genetic diversity attributes of microbial communities as yardsticks of ecosystem health and stability.Lum Keng YeangMARDIRMK7
78Impact, removal and potential recovery of environmental phosphorous from point sources.Ong Hwee KengMARDIRMK7
79Development and application of in-vitro techniques for plant cell culture under bioreactor system using roselle as the model crop.Mohd Shaib JaafarMARDIRMK7
80Development of the laboratory methods for diagnosis of opportunistic fungal infections.Mohd Fuat Abd RazakIMRRMK7