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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
71The conservation of economically important, and rare, threatened or endangered forest plants in Peninsular Malaysia.Saw Leng GuanFRIMRMK7
72Tree flora of Sabah and Sarawak.E. SoepadmoFRIMRMK7
73Impacts of forest plantation establishment on soil properties, erosion and sediment transportBaharuddin KasranFRIMRMK7
74Assessing the suitability of sewage sludge as fertiliser and soil conditioner for the establishment of forest speciesNajib Lotfy ArshadFRIMRMK7
75To assess the ecological and sociological impacts of forest recreational activitiesNoor Azlin YahyaFRIMRMK7
76Documentation of higher plants in the Krau game reserve, Peninsular Malaysia to determine its conservation statusLilian Chua Swee LianFRIMRMK7
77Recolonization processes of small mammal species in a Malaysian tropical hill forest after loggingNor Azman HusseinFRIMRMK7
78Assessment of bird assemblages and occurrence in different habitat types in urban environment.Norsham Suhaina YaacobFRIMRMK7
79Artificial seeds of forest tree species for germplasm conservationMarzalina MansorFRIMRMK7
80Development of cryopreservation protocols for long-term storage of rare and endemic forest plant species with a view for germplasm conservationMarzalina MansorFRIMRMK7