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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
71A study of modernisation and the creation of a culture of modernity in contemporary Malaysia.Norani OthmanUKMRMK7
72A Study of Oxidative Damage in Down Syndrome and AgeingAishah AdamUKMRMK8
73A study of parameters of chronics stress and intervention modalititesMafauzy MohamedUSMRMK7
74A study of postprandial patterns of lipdaemia & glycaemia in patient with ischaemic heart disearce and those with glicose intolerance Mafauzy MohamedUSMRMK7
75A study of sleep disorders in obese children and adolescentsMohd Riduan AbdullahUSMRMK7
76A Study of Structure-Function of Cytochromes P450 (CYP) and Their Involvement in drug-drug and drug-herb InteractionsRusli IsmailUSMRMK8
77A study of the applications of peat paste as a coagulating and flocculating agent for the treatment of water and waterbodiesMohd Asri Mohd NawiUSMRMK7
78A study of the cocoa industry: production and market penetration in Malaysia and selected South East Asian countriesNorhaini UdinLKMRMK7
79A study of the drug utilization in an out-patient settingAbdol Malek Abd AzizIMRRMK7
80A study of the market potential of selected halal processed food products in the Asean (Brunei and Singapore) with emphasis on identifying opportunities for Malaysian food processors.Rashilah MohamadMARDIRMK7