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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
81Development and application of molecular technologies for the detection and differentiation of pseudomonad and xanthomonad plant pathogens.Lum Keng YeangMARDIRMK7
82Isolation of fruit secific promoters from pineapple.Umi Kalsom Abu BakarMARDIRMK7
83Fluorescence protein immobilisation technique in biosensor design for detection of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.Zamri IshakMARDIRMK7
84Development of modified fats and oils through lipase catalysed incorporation of omega-3 fatty acids.Kamariah LongMARDIRMK7
85Isolation on the fruit-specific promoter sequence from papaya.Jamadon BahariMARDIRMK7
86Properties and applications of starch-based food ingredients produced through the use of microbial and enzyme technologies.Khatijah IdrisMARDIRMK7
87Cloning of passion fruit woodiness virus ( PWV ) coat protein for genetic engineering of transgenic passion fruit with resistance to PWV through virus-derived interaction.Tan Chon SengMARDIRMK7
88Studies on isozyme polymorphism for use in the characterisation and identification of genetic variants among the Artocarpus species (cempedak/nangka).Jamadon BahariMARDIRMK7
89Genetic engineering of chili pepper for resistence to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) disease through virus-derived resistance strategies (viral coat protein, movement protein, and polymerase gene mediated resistance)Tan Chon SengMARDIRMK7
90Development of microbial protein production system as potential animal feed.Khairul Asfamawi KhulidinMARDIRMK7