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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
1Induced breeding of Indigenous freshwater Carps, Probarbus jullieni, Tor tambroides and Puntius buluA. Ashhar OthmanIPPRMK7
2Advanced cycles for absorption chillerA. K. M. MohiuddinUIARMK7
3Molecular characterization of group a streptococcus in MalaysiaA. Manaf AliUPMRMK7
4Isolation and identification of phototoxic compounds from Typhonium filliforme RidlA. Manaf AliUPMRMK7
5Critical analysis of state enactments/acts on Islamic family law in MalaysiaA. Rahman AwangUIARMK7
6Establishment of inexpensive, safe and rapid procedures for the prognostication of solid tumors in Malaysian childrenA. Rahman JamalUKMRMK7
7Haemopoetic chirmerism status in recipients of bone marrow transplantation: rapid molecular testing and correlation with engraftmentA. Rahman JamalUKMRMK7
8Management of agromyzid leafminmers on chrysanthemums.A. SivapragasamMARDIRMK7
9Development of methodologies for monitoring pest and disease status in vegetables.A. SivapragasamMARDIRMK7
10Strategies to manage Bacillus thuringiensis resistance in major lepidoterous pests of crucifers.A. SivapragasamMARDIRMK7