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#Project TitleProject LeaderInstitutionRMK
1A Multi-Pronged Tackle of Three Cancers Relevant to Malaysian: Searching for Prescence of Predisposition Genes, Mutation Screening of Predisposition Genes for Risk Assessment and Exploring New Anti-Cancer Therapy for Oral, Nasopharyngeal and Breast Cancers.Lekhsan OthmanCARIFRMK8
2Pembangunan dan Pemajuan Dadah Cegah Penyakit HIV (Calanolide A) Dari Pokok BintagorDatin Dr. Zaliha C. AbdullahCRSBRMK8
3The kinetics of starch release from rasped sago pithAbdul Manan Dos MohamedCRSBRMK8
4Production of novel encapsulating agents from sago starch Abdul Manan Dos MohamedCRSBRMK8
5Development of techniques for the production of improved sago palm (Metroxylon sagu) planting materialZaliha Christine AbdullahCRSBRMK8
6Silviculture & ecology of commercially important of 3 Calamas species in Peninsular Malaysia for large scale planting and conservation.Raja Barizan Raja SulaimanFRIMRMK7
7Improvement of the ground-based harvesting techniques for sustainable management of natural hill forests.Shamsudin IbrahimFRIMRMK7
8Management of commercial bamboos in natural stand and for large scale planting.Azmy Hj MohamedFRIMRMK7
9Forest growth dynamics and simulation for sustained timber production.Ismail HaronFRIMRMK7
10Silvicultural treatments for timber production forests.Azman Hassan (FRIM)FRIMRMK7